Learn japanese kanji, kana and vocabulary.

What japanese-kanji.org is about?

– You’ll learn kanji, kana, and japanese vocabulary.
– Time to time, I’ll write an article about Japan. The first is the history of the language.


– First, you must learn kana. Kana (read a short history of kana here)are the base you must know before starting to learn japanese.
You can use my kana cards, read the hiragana and katakana sections, and play with the kana game!
You can also download kana tables.

– Once you’ll be done with kana, you can learn kanji with the Kanji page, the Kanji of the week section.
When I created this website, I also tried to make a little application you may want to try. It’s called kanji draw. It’s not that you can draw on the screen, but you can draw kanji on a paper, and verify you’re right. (dropped)

And now, I’m pround to say that after hours of work, I made a little kanji game you may like. You can click on the following link to play: Play to the kanji game!

If you already know gakushuu kanji, you can download and use my kanji cards to learn more kanji.

Then, whereas you’re a beginner or not, you can contribute to the wiki kanji page and help us to make it bigger: wikikanji.

To improve your oral comprehension, you can watch and listen to japanese TV. Click here to watch japanese TV.

Any problems?
– Go to :
– The FAQ,
– The Forum,
– Email me ^-^.

Your comments will be appreciate, don’t hesitate to post in the forum!

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